Sacred importance of your vote

Wisdom from Stephen Dinan:

“As we approach a crucial election in the United States, I wanted to share some reflections on the sacred importance of your vote.

When we engage in spiritual practices, it is a beautiful thing, helping us uplift our consciousness to become the most radiant, authentic, and true version of ourselves.

Voting is the equivalent for the larger society in which we find ourselves. It is a collective spiritual practice that allows us to uplift the consciousness of the whole through the creation of more enlightened policies that enable more and more of society to express its full potential.

Parties and candidates are the vehicle for that expression but at the deeper level, voting is a transfer of our consciousness and values into the way our society is designed and governed.

There’s literally NOTHING more important for the future of our world than having the most conscious individuals in our society engage in this spiritual practice, not just for personal benefit but to leave a legacy for the future.

While many sessions of meditation may have limited effects on events years from now, your vote can and does sculpt our collective future in a much more profound way. It is an investment of your heart, mind, and soul in creating a better world – the most powerful mechanism we have to create a society that reflects our vision of the future.

We are selecting people who will make decisions with far-reaching implications and thus it’s vital that we select the people who exemplify the highest wisdom, care, and integrity,

In that sense, voting is a sacred act because it is an expression of your reverence, respect, and care for your fellow human beings (and our precious ecosystem).

It’s shocking to me just how many otherwise awake and conscious people become disengaged from the political process or don’t vote. People complain that the process is too dirty, the choices are all the same, or some other rationalization for what is essentially an abdication of spiritual responsibility.

Simply put, not voting is an unconscious, regressive, and ultimately non-spiritual way of engaging the world. It’s self-absorbed versus compassionate, asleep rather than awake.

If you consider yourself spiritual, you need to vote.

The next step beyond simply voting is to engage others in voting in a way that uplifts the society as well… to get people excited about big, world-changing ideas and solutions that can make our world a better place.

I’m not going to tell you who you should or shouldn’t vote for. What I will encourage you to do though, is to engage the process fully, do your best to get your friends and neighbors to vote, and select candidates that represent the future you want to see.

I also encourage you to give strong consideration to women who are running, since the rebalancing of our political culture towards gender equality is one of the MOST important keys to bring more wisdom, care, and collaboration into the democratic process

There are some very serious challenges facing humanity, exemplified by the recent UN report on climate change, which made it clear that we have until 2030 to create unprecedented changes or leave an environmental nightmare for our children and grandchildren.

So let’s get the best and brightest into office, transform the political culture, and engage the civic process as a true spiritual practice and sacred duty.”

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